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Elmira Pet Products

Beginning mid-2009 and completed approximately 1 year later during the summer of 2010, M&G Millwrights had been awarded the turn-key task of relocating an entire packaging plant from Beamsville, Ontario to Elmira, Ontario. 

Included in the equipment relocation was: the Packaging Line Equipment, numerous Tanks, an Extruding System, Scrubber, Dryer, Duct Work and a Dust Collection System.  Many pieces of equipment needed to be rebuilt or repaired including the overhauling of the Mixer, the Scrubber Fans, and the rebuilding of the Screener Cyclone.  Combined with all of this, M&G had a manufacturing list that included: Structural Platforms, Drag Conveyors, a large amount of Duct Work, Diverter Valves and Transitions and a complete package of Safety Guarding for all the equipment.

The challenge of this project was installing the relocated equipment into an existing plant while production was continuing on a daily basis.  Safety was paramount as was doing the installation with the least amount of impact on plant operations and personnel.  The belief and trust Elmira Pet Products showed in who they chose to perform the work was evident by the fact that they hired M&G to do all the aforementioned, plus the designing and coordinating of work, including utilizing M&G’s Drafting and Design Department to create the before and after plant layouts...on a time and material basis.

Projects such as this provide an opportunity to show the expertise M&G has in Project Management and in particular...working as one team with the customer.  M&G Millwrights is proud to have Elmira Pet Products as a long-standing highly-valued customer.

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