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Installation & Demolition Services


"Handling any kind of job involving small-to-large and simple-to-complicated machinery. Rebuilding machinery, installing a new assembly line or piece of machinery, fixing any breakdowns, doing shutdowns or relocating entire plants and fabricating as needed."

Since 1967 M&G Millwrights has been doing exactly that! Our experienced and licensed crews have proven their professionalism and resourcefulness in different applications in both the agricultural and industrial sectors as they have served our customers time and time again:


Our experienced installation crews perform professional installation and repairs in Ontario and abroad. Their commitment to service is shared by those who design and manufacture our equipment.

Whether we are providing our expertise for installing of equipment manufactured by other suppliers, or equipment we have fabricated; whether your project is a simple repair or a major contract for a complete turnkey operation, our team is committed to providing you with the finest products and services.

We specialize in installing all types of material handling equipment used in the feed, grain, pet food, fertilizer and industrial sectors.

What can we fabricate and install for you?

Agricultural Fabrication
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