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Once your equipment is installed and running, to make sure it continues running smoothly and therefore reduce downtime and repair costs, preventative and regular maintenance has to be scheduled. Even then, at some time there will be unexpected breakdowns to deal with.

The diverse experience our M&G installations crew have gained over the years is a true advantage as when these times arrive. With years of repeat work in many different sectors with many different shapes and sizes of machinery, our crews have the ability to think on their feet and take care of your equipment needs.

Whether it’s as-needed maintenance work, breakdown response or supporting your in-house maintenance program with establishing a crew on site, M&G Millwrights is there to assist and help keep production going.

  • Certified millwrights

  • Fully equipped service vans

  • CWB welding standards

  • Fabrication

  • Installation

  • Demolition

Customers Include:

  • Armstrong Milling

  • Elmira Pet Products

  • Fleming Feed Mill

  • Floradale Feed Mill

  • Grand Valley Fortifiers

  • Howson & Howson

  • Jones Feed Mills

  • Langs Dehy

  • Masterfeeds Komoka, Stratford, Cavan

  •  N.S Bauman

  • Nith River Milling

  • Parrish and Heimbecker, Limited: Dover Flour Mill

  • Wallenstein Feed & Supply

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