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Safety Guarding

The most important aspect of manufacturing is guaranteeing the safety of everyone involved. M&G Millwrights is 100% committed to assisting our customers in ensuring their equipment has all the safety guarding and controls required.


The experienced and CWB licensed shop crews have proven their professionalism and resourcefulness for different applications. Much of the guarding required for today’s machinery requires custom design and fitting. Combined with our design team and if required PSHSR consultants, our fabrication team can create anything required.

The diverse experience our installations crew have gained over the years is a true advantage as when installing safety guards, many times it calls for on-site modifications or improvising due to the location and interferences surrounding existing equipment.

Working with you and your employees, we’ll do whatever we can to help everyone achieve the level of peace of mind we all want.

  • Standard and custom shapes and sizes

  • Safety screens, machinery guards, plastic/Lexan barriers

  • Mild steel, hot dipped galvanized, stainless steel construction

  • CWB welding standards

  • PSHSR available

  • Installation

M&G Millwrights is committed to assisting you in ensuring your equipment has the proper safety guarding and controls

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