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Safety Practices

The most important aspect of any work being done, whether it’s at home or at work, is guaranteeing the safety of everyone involved.  M&G Millwrights is 100% committed to ensuring that all work being performed is done so in as safe and smart a manner as possible.  We want all of our team members to go home soundly and safely at the end of each and every day.

To this end, M&G is a paying member of Browz.


Browz lets the customer access a single system of safety compliance and regulation information on demand.  It is a single source tool for managing supplier compliance and qualification information.  Browz informs us in advance, when and what changes to the safety regulations will be taking place so we are never behind.   In order to work for some of our valued customers such as Lafarge and Holcim, we must be in good standing with Browz.

Most importantly, M&G has regular safety training and review conducted by ACUTE Environmental & Safety Services Inc. out of Waterloo who, are a 3rdparty professional consulting company.  ACUTE, who has been around since around 1995, provides comprehensive health and safety training, on-site safety services and consulting services.  Whether it’s at their facilities, on-site or at M&G, ACUTE ensures that our people are trained to the latest safety standards.

The training programs that are conducted include the following, all of which are full courses but, some also include additional refresher courses and some are both classroom and practical:

  • New Worker Orientation

  • Emergency Evacuation


  • Confined Space

  • Lockout/Tag-out

  • Fall Protection

  • Due Diligence

  • Forklift/Propane

  • AWP Devices

  • Respiratory Fit Test

  • Hearing Test

  • First Aid Training

  • SCBA Awareness Training

Partnering with our community for a safer tomorrow. Join us!
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