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Structural Steel


For years M&G Millwrights has been fabricating and installing structural steel both as support systems for bins and equipment, and as large building additions. Our fully equipped shop is designed to take care of all fabrication needs.

Combining our in-house Design/Drafting department and a network of local Engineers, shop and connection drawings will be detailed and approved, reviewed with you the customer, and then scheduled for fabrication. Our team supports the following programs:

The experienced team of licensed fitter/welders and operators has proven their professionalism and resourcefulness for both small and large projects. Many of the crew have been with M&G for over 20 years. This experience leads to much thought going into the fabricating design which in turn allows for the safest and most efficient installation saving both time and money.

M&G is CWB recognized meeting the standard of CSA 47:1 and W59 Div. 2:1. Processes include GMAW, FCAW and SMAW.

Our Rigging crews have years of experience working in various environments regardless of the time of year. Always analyzing the risk potential, the crews work in total communication with the crane operators and most importantly with your safety people to ensure every structure installation is done safely and efficiently.

At M&G, it is our mission to deliver the highest quality product in the least possible time. Our commitment to you the customer is reflected in the reliability and high quality of our product, as well as in our trademark standards of excellence in craftsmanship!

We are equipped to fabricate with efficiency in mind, 
saving you both time and money

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